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3D Patient Specific Guides


Welcome to the future, where we can now use 3d printing to bring personalized medicine to the spine. 

Every patient we treat at RESTORE Orthopedics is unique. No two spines are alike, and no two vertebrae are the same. So we evaluate your virtual spine via 3D planning software and develop a plan precisely for you. When it comes to spinal surgery, precision is of paramount importance. 

We are excited to offer 3D printed, Patient-Specific Guides and bones models to our spine patients, so they can experience the many benefits of 3D printing. 




S. Samuel Bederman, MD, Ph.D., FRCSC Spine Surgeon/Scoliosis Specialist

“The use of patient-specific 3D guides has been a game-changer in my practice. It has given me the ability to look after challenging patients with greater ease and efficiency - it takes the complex to simple. I routinely use patient-specific 3D guides in patients with challenging conditions because, in my hands, it has resulted in better outcomes for my patients.”


How does it work?

Patient-Specific 3D guides are FDA cleared and enable optimal screw placement by incorporating planned screw diameter, trajectory, length, and entry point into the `Guide design. A preoperative CT is used to make a 3D virtual model of the patient’s spine, which is then used to create a detailed pre-surgical plan. The Guides are then designed around the surgeon’s approved trajectories. This makes each Guide not only patient-specific but level-specific as well.  

A 3D printed anatomically exact bone model of the patient’s spine is also provided for intraoperative use and patients education. 

Pre-Surgical Planning

A Patient-Specific Plan designates exact screw sizes and optimized trajectories.  

Benefits of Planning

Thanks to careful pre-surgical planning, the surgeon has complete familiarity with the patient’s anatomy BEFORE entering the operating room.  

Unsurpassed Accuracy

The main benefit of the use of Patient-Specific 3D guides is an increase in screw placement accuracy and safety; of all navigation modalities (validated accuracy at 99.7%).  


We understand that surgery is a big step and an important decision. That is why we have adopted pre-surgical planning and 3D printing as a way to make your surgery safer, and why we have added it to our spinal surgery practice.


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